What to Expect

We are a relatively small, welcoming congregation. The church sanctuary is upstairs, accessed by two large spiral staircases (an elevator is available, also). Some folks choose to sit downstairs and participate by means of a closed-circuit flat screen TV. We are represented by all ages, so you will see older folks with gray hair, middle-aged folks with teenagers, and young families with small children. We offer a voluntary children’s church for ages 5-7 and a nursery for those even younger.

You can expect to see men dressed in blue jeans and suits, women in dresses and slacks. Our music is also formal and informal. We have a grand piano, a keyboard, drums, and guitars. We sing praise choruses and hymns, and we do so tastefully, worshipfully – and not too loudly, either.

Most of our service is devoted to the in-depth preaching of God’s Word, or what is often referred to as “expository preaching.” We are almost always working our way through a book of the Bible.

After the morning worship service many of us gather downstairs for coffee and refreshments. Once per month, usually the first Sunday, we celebrate the Lord’s Table, or “Communion.” That comes at the end of the worship service and is restricted to born again believers who have been baptized in an evangelical church. Afterward, we gather for a fellowship meal in the gymnasium.

Sunday morning worship starts at 10:30 am (10:00 am in July and August).