Christ Church of Clarkson is located in the town of Clarkson, a small residential community, approximately 15 miles west of Rochester, and one mile north of Brockport, an historic college town on the Erie Canal.

We represent one of the oldest congregations in Monroe County. Organized in 1816 as The First Presbyterian Congregational Church of Murray, the church alternated between Presbyterian and Congregational affiliations until 1969 when the association with Congregationalism was dropped and “The First Congregational Church of Clarkson” became “Clarkson Community Church.” In conjunction with the church’s bicentennial, as well as the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, the church was renamed “Christ Church of Clarkson” in 2017.

The colonial two-story clapboard church building was completed in 1825 and has had two subsequent additions, one in 1967 and another in 1985 giving the church over 13,000 square feet of usable space. The 100′ tall steeple houses a large bronze bell bearing the casting date of 1853.

We are affiliated with the Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals, an association of reformational Baptist churches. The congregation has over 100 members and regular attenders representing several neighboring counties. WYSL radio simulcasts a weekly program, Grounded in Grace, each Sunday.

The church is led by elders (pastors) and deacons. Tony A. Bartolucci has served since 2002 as the church’s forty-fourth senior minister.

Sunday morning worship services feature blended music (hymns and contemporary songs) and expository-style sermons which generally run an hour in length. Home fellowship groups meet throughout the week at various locations.

We are a diverse congregation representing urban, suburban, and rural lifestyles with ages ranging from young families to retired seniors. Whatever our differences, we are unified in our commitment to the truths of the gospel that were reignited during the 16th century Reformation.